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for fast processing, we have here for you the following summary information:

1. Questions about account after the purchase:
Within 15 minutes after your purchase you will receive an automatic Order confirmation via email. Often this land purchase mail in spam folders.
Please check your spam folder in your mailbox, especially if your provider AOL, GMX, WEB or Freenet is.

If not arrived yet - please contact: info (through at-mark-replace) or call 08203-95044-0

2. Questions about the article:
We give all our data to the famous article. Further information is not before us.
If you have further questions, you can call directly from the manufacturer.
Before the sale, we test all the goods and also for each item in the state with.

If you ordered items to the accessories or other items needed, please order it directly in our webshop.
You will find that all available items that we currently offer. When you click Details click to the article, see below in the description also accessories to the article, if available. Should a description contain errors, please send an email to: service (through at-mark-replace)

3. Questions about Shipping:
We ship by DHL and Schenker Logistics depending on whether the goods in the package or on pallets to be shipped.
For the first article can be ordered directly to the shipping articles, please note the additional positions in order to cause additional shipping costs, but to exceed the base price for the heaviest item does not, and are usually only a fraction thereof.

additional items with a weight up to 25 kg in the package we send, there are additional costs depending on the articles between EUR 1.00 to EUR 7.50.

Additional Articles from 25 kg, we send a pallet, are the additional costs between EUR 25.00 to EUR 95.00, depending on the volume and weight.

Under this link are basic for all countries combined !

4. Questions about the collection of the goods:

Pick up times:
Mon-Fri 8-12 clock (only by transport company)

5. Questions about the delivery.
For us the goods on the day of payment receipt delivered. They are also from the system about the status of your order automatically. If more than 3 days since the debit when you have passed

please send an email to: buchhaltung (through at-mark-replace)

in which you tell us what you in your transfer in the use, for example, have no contract. Please tell us who is also with the account holder and the account number.

If you have ordered cash on delivery and not within 3 days of the new system on status of your order have been informed, please contact:

service (through at-mark-replace)

6. For questions about B2B transactions
please contact Mr. Ulbricht at the email address: steve.ulbricht(through at-mark-replace)

Please specify in advance in an account at our webstore. We have a trade company for price list, we'll credit your account after registration in the shop can match.
Requests for conversion account, please contact: steve.ulbricht(through at-mark-replace)

7. Complaints and Returns:
In order to process your claim to be able to fill in the following form .

The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court:
8. Where do I contact if I have a complaint / question was:
For complaints and other inquiries, please contact our team like to 08203-95044-19
or via e-mail service (through at-mark-replace) ready.
Alternatively you can contact us at any time via our contact form reach. We will work quickly to your request and take care of us then when you return.

9. EU VAT-free supplies:
It is possible to deliver within the EU sale tax-free.
Please send us your certificate of business, your exact company name and your VAT registration number by mail or fax.
buchhaltung(through at-mark-replace)
Fax: +49 (0) 08203-95044-20

10. Driver support and other documents:

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